A Healthy Meal

marv huss
marv huss

Father’s Day
After a healthy meal of salmon, salad, and a few amusing side dishes from Whole Foods, my dear husband Marv took a nap with our grandpuppy Myla.

Myla’s is the star of my latest children’s book — WILL MYLA BE MINE? It is a sweet story that explains to a child that there is more to having a puppy than just play. Avoiding the work involved was not going to fly with the mother in this story. Good for her. She makes her son stick to his promises. Of course, like all children’s books, it comes right in the end.

I used photos of the real Myla, interwoven with illustrations, to create the pictures for each page. It was a challenge and not just the illustrating. Trying to get Myla to hold still for a moment in order to snap a shot was the real challenge. But, because she is so adorable, she was forgiven for her wiggling and lack of focus, which of course made many of my photos out of focus.

She’s already grown about a foot since the original photos were taken and by the size of her paws she won’t stop growing for quite awhile.

I believe she has an artistic bent because her favorite toys seem to be the brushes in a basket of my old paint brushes. Perfect for teething, not necessarily for painting though.