A Letter from Dexter

mermaid tea party childrens picture book
mermaid tea party childrens picture book

Today I received a letter from a 6-year-old boy named Dexter. I rarely hear from the children who read my books, so I was especially thrilled to hear from him. Here is what he wrote:

“Dear Sally,

My name is Dexter. I am 6 years old, thank you for the message (his mother had requested a way for him to contact me.) I love your books because they are so amazing and they make me smile and I’m reading them right now. My favorite book is A MERMAID TEA PARTY. Have a good day.” — Dexter

This reminded me of long ago when my husband and I were doing outdoor art shows. I was somewhere in the park when a father and son came into our booth. The father told his son that he could have any painting he wanted. The son picked a piece called A MERMAID TEA PARTY! It was all in pink and purple with two mermaids sharing a cup of tea under the sea. Well, the father told my husband that they were going for a walk and they would talk about it. When they returned the father said, “We’ll take the mermaid painting! Wish I could have overheard their conversation.

So, I’m glad Dexter likes this particular book because it has to do with kindness, kindness that is shared and spread. It also references a very high spiritual truth — that we should be aware of what we are offering others. We must never offer emptiness. In this case, the mermaids are passing cups of tea and plates of sweets that are enhanced by loving kindness, as each mermaid passes the goodies along to others. It is a lovely idea and as Dexter found, a lovely book.