A Treasured Scarf

a treasured scarf
a treasured scarf

My friend Ann brought her friend Libby over to my little studio for a visit. She told this amazing story.

Over 30 years ago Libby wandered into my gallery in La Jolla with her boyfriend. She said she was enchanted with the art, the verses, and the feeling the gallery contained. She wanted something, but as a young person just our of college, she could not afford a piece of art. So, her boyfriend bought her a large, lovely, colorful scarf. The scarves we had were really sarongs that matched up with a whole line of decorative purses.

Several years later she was stricken with Hodgkin lymphoma. Before she started her battle for survival with hospitalization and various dibilitating treatments, a close friend of hers told her to take something with her that she treasured. She took the scarf.

Through the several years of struggle, with treatments and hospital stays she kept that scarf close to her at all times. She said, “For some reason, it gave me comfort and strength.” She said that she would wrap it around herself and when the pain was great she would twist it and squeeze it. It was her security blanket. She loved it.

She survived that cancer and went on to live a full life. She had not seen any of my art in many years, as all of our galleries and now closed, until she walked into Ann’s house where Ann had a lovely hearts painting by me hanging on the wall of her den. She broke down in tears remembering how that art in the form of a scarf had been her trusted companion through her years of struggle on her road back to health.

When she told me the story, of course, I broke down in tears too. Such a touching story.

This visit coincided with my reading a passage from Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: “The heart steadfastly maintains the fence [that keeps us safe] and it fills the holes so that we can resist any blows, for love works in a special way by reinforcing our cells and making them able to resist illness and¬†adversity.” I truly loved creating that design and Libby, in turn, truly loved it as a scarf.