Through the years I have done several books for adults. The first was a wonderful book Harcourt, Brace did called “POWER TENNIS WITH EASE.” I’ve since refined that book into a terrific tennis book endorsed by Billie Jean King, Mary Carillo, and Dick Enberg. It is titled:


Mary Carillo, CBS and ESPN Sports:

“Sally Huss has written a simple, sparkling gem of a book. It is wise and gentle, and gives to tennis players what the great UCLA coach John Wooden gave to basketball players with his Pyramid of Success. If you do what Sally suggests you will be more than a better player; you’ll be a better person. Perhaps her book should be called Eight Golden Rules for How To Live Your Best Life.”

Dick Enberg, CBS and ESPN Sports:

Loved the book. I’ve seen Sally Huss play this great game of tennis. She caressed the ball, while fully embracing the experience. Her style and good form are expressed in her EIGHT GOLDEN RULES FOR HOW TO PLAY YOUR BEST TENNIS. It’s an extension of her proven championship play. The message in her book is direct, kind, respectful, and in its wondrous simplicity, as sharp as a backhand winner down the line. If I were to start playing again, I’d be best served to read this book FIRST and then GRIP a racket. Game, Set, and Match, Ms. Huss! Oh My!”

Billie Jean King, 39 Grand Slam Titles, Founder of World Team Tennis:

“Tennis is a lifetime sport and fun for players of all ages. In Eight Golden Rules for How to Play Your Best Tennis, Sally Huss shows you how to get the most out of your game and how much fun playing tennis can be.”

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If you’re a woman who plays tennis and you don’t play ladies league tennis, you’re missing something. If you do, lucky you. Here is my book on the subject that focuses on the fun of the game, and the game in this particular venue. There are insights into strategies, attitude, friendship, sports-woman-ship and much more. It’s about league tennis, but it is about doubles in general — what side to play, who serves first, sizing up the opponents, etc.

Over 800,000 people play on USTA leagues and a ton more who play on local leagues. And, all of them are having fun, and will have more fun if they take a few pointers from this book. Jump in!

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I thought I knew most everything there was to know about tennis until I met Gracie. She’s an extraordinary champion, a Blue Healer by birth, but a champion nonetheless! By observing the techniques and abilities of this four-legged wonder, I came to increase my knowledge of the importance of focus, intensity, and patience in sports. The results is that my joy of playing increased as well.

“A wonderful book for tennis players — and athletes — of all ages,

written by a master of the game. I am reminded of The Inner Game of Tennis. The Dog That Taught Me Tennis emphasizes mind set, attitude, focus and above all, the sheer joy of playing and competing.
— Stephen Metcalfe

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What can you learn on a tennis court besides tennis? More than you might think. You can learn to work, to focus, and to follow through with what you start. Learning to be patient, honest, generous, responsible, and grateful are all built into playing this sport or any sport. And, you can even learn to be happy!

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The importance of being happy and living a happy life is highly underestimated. Everything outside of us is created by our inner state, and therefore, our point of view. It is essential that we keep that state a happy one.

This book is designed to lead you to a greater sense of happiness in just a few days. It contains thirty extraordinary and fun exercises that you can do to raise your level of happiness, regardless of circumstances. These exercises help you develop sure-fire skills to removing any obstacle that gets in the way of your nature state — this is, being HAPPY!

This book,


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I wrote this book to share a particular formula that I created many years ago and used successfully to find the love of my life. It is based on the Law of Affinity. As I passed on the formula to others, their success in finding what they wanted in a partner formed the proof of the pudding to convince others to seek and find their true love, companion, life mate, or whatever they had in their hearts.

Many of those testimonials are included here, along with my personal story. From these stories of Joan and Bill, Dorothy and Mike, Mary and Ralph, and others perhaps, you will create on the outside the desire you already have in your heart. This little book, HOW TO FIND YOUR SOULMATE, will help you do it!

If you have money problems, housing difficulties, family struggles, and find yourself in emotional tumults, you may have noticed that you are not alone. Everyone is touched by this new economic climate; no one is left out, no matter how they appear to be surviving.

What to do about it? How to approach today and tomorrow by giving yourself the best opportunity of doing well is revealed here — it’s a new way of living and new skills need to be learned and embraced.

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