Being Happy Being Me Childrens Picture Book

being happy being me childrens picture book
being happy being me childrens picture book

As I was walking along the street one day, I began singing, “I’ve got a fish in my pocket and a turtle in my shoe.” Like many of my children’s books, I didn’t know where this one was going. I kept humming along and making up other pockets in one’s clothing where a small animal could hide.

It seemed a happy image and an opportunity to stimulate a child’s imagination. I still didn’t know where the story was going until I wrote it down. As the rhyme revealed itself, it offered an image to extend the idea of pockets further — “Is it possible that I’m in someone else’s pocket — a pocket bigger than anything I can see? If I am, I am a lucky as anyone can be.” That idea made me feel so good, perhaps it would make a child feel good too.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I do walk around in a type of pocket, one that belongs to a great being of light and love that encompasses us all.


“This fun and colorful rhyming story has our whole family in love with the theme of this book about a happy little girl who totes around her funky animal friends. We absolutely love the whimsical rhymes throughout the book, and the profound thought at the end. This is a magical book that gets little ones to think about the bigger life of which they are a part.” – Amazon Customer

Practice Makes Perfect Childrens Picture Book

Cat with a bat Children's Picture Book
Cat with a bat Children’s Picture Book

This amusing tale came out of the blue. Many times it is just fun to play with words and rhymes. At one point I did a whole series of stories about sounds — the “sh” sound, the “uck” sound, the “ar” sound, even the “ome” and the “ame” sounds.

This particular “at” sound story touches on a pet piece of mine — hearing people end a sentence with “AT.” I wonder what kids are being taught in school? This was a “no, no” in my youth. However, there are a lot of lazy acceptances of poor grammar heard everywhere. The rules are gone. When does “I” precede “you” when speaking of us? The “me” generation seems to include grammar.

I still think it’s important to know what is correct, even if our teachers do not know better. “At” at the end of a sentence may not grind on your ears, but it does on mine… so I wrote this funny, silly, little ditty. And, it has a good message to boot!


“What a cute way to learn grammar! I loved it! Perfect for my young nieces and nephews. Drives me crazy when people use “at” at the end of a sentence. My adult children tease me with this to this day. I will read this book to them (and my husband)! Thank you, Sally Huss!” — Robyne Moore

“This is another charming story by Sally Huss that teaches as it entertains. My niece and I had fun reading it together because she was able to participate by sounding out all the “at” words. She loves rhymes, and this clever story was not only full of them it also taught an important grammar rule. That is hard to do, as grammar is not usually not the most exciting subject for young students! But grammar is much easier to teach when the subject is an adorable and self assured ‘Cat with a Bat!'” — Mary Bosch

“I wish we had a cat around our house to inspire our kids to practice — at whatever they are trying to master. This cat is determined and on track. Fortunately some kind-hearted folks in the story correct him on his grammar that he immediately begins to put into practice.

This is a fun-filled story with absolutely charming illustrations that run along with the story. Have a ball with this one — a baseball!” — Jill McDonald

“This is a charming book with a tongue-twisting verse that’s sure to tickle any child’s funny bone. Our family read it several times and had a good laugh over the pride that cat displayed. But, of course, when the cat proved that his stick-to-itiveness got results, who could argue with the cat. The subject a good talking point for all of us. We’ll read this book often.” — Mary Knight

“My husband has been trying to get our kids more involved and excited about baseball but at 3 and 5, they don’t quite have the focus. Sally’s book brought them right in with her fun illustrations and delightful prose. It’s a great intro for little kids everywhere!” – Maryanne

Stubbornness and Boredom Go Hand in Hand Childrens Picture Book

best children's picture book 2017
best children’s picture book 2017

This stubborn cow realizes the value of persistence when she finally changes her tune and tries something new, then accomplishes what she sets her heart on. Kids can be like this — stubborn in their insistence not to try anything new.

As a young child our family would stop at a particular ice cream establishment and everybody would order their particular favorite flavor. I did not choose to have any. I don’t know why I was not interested in trying ice cream, but it took every family member to coax me into just venturing into tasting vanilla. Well, who doesn’t like ice cream, whatever the flavor? My mind was changed in an instant. Vanilla is still my preferred flavor. So it goes with kids and cows.

“This is a cute story that has an original take on the Hey Diddle Diddle nursery rhyme, where the cow jumps over the moon. The cow in this case is content to stand around, chewing and chewing because as she thinks it’s what she’s supposed to do. Several animals stop by to encourage her to try something new, but she refuses.Finally, a very persuasive chicken stops by to invite the cow to jump over the moon with her and she won’t take no for an answer. Will the cow take a chance and try something new? You’ll have to read the book to find out.” — Susan Barton”Though our daughter is now grown, many of our most delightful times were around reading delightful children’s books like this one by Sally Huss. Her illustrations are adorable and her story the first believable explanation of how the cow jumped over the moon!” — John Chisum

I enjoyed your sweet teaching story book about trying something new. And you also had beautiful big illustrations as well as the print. Great especially for young kids but not just for kids even adults need to do the same.” — Angela

“Cute story about a cow who is afraid of doing anything new or different. “I’m tired, I’m bored,” said the cow, “I chew and chew, I stay in this pasture. That’s all I do.” As several animals come by, each invites her to try a new activity, but she refuses. Finally a chicken comes by as nighttime approaches. She invites the cow to jump over the moon. Will she finally have the confidence to try? Find out if the cow jumps over the moon.” — Barbara Mojica

This book encourages kids to try and try and never give up! Try something new, even if you think you can’t.” — Creative Joy