Stop Worrying

stop worrying
stop worrying

Happy Musing for the Day: If worrying did some good, everything would be worth worrying about.

Worrying has become a popular pastime lately. With the economy the way it is, the job market the way it is, the housing market and the stock market the way they are worrying has become epidemic in our society. As unpleasant as it is, it is not easily gotten rid of or let go of. But it must. And to do so requires some information.

The first is to understand what it is. Worry is the fearful concern for something or someone or of something that might happen. It has to do with the future. It is the continual mental action of fear. And like all fear, it is based on the lack of something – usually knowledge. Worrying grinds away on a subject, turning it over and over again, trying to make some sense of it or even trying to make an outcome come out in a preferred way.

The second thing to understand is that it is useless. It is not only useless, it is detrimental; it is pours negative energy on the subject and the one worrying. So it is not helpful in any sense. Once you understand this, then the next step is to figure out how to get rid of it.

This touches on one’s core beliefs. If you are a person who believes, and better still, knows that you are standing in the essence of God at all times, you can easily pass the buck and hand off your concerns by putting them in God’s hands. Then relax and wait for answers and time to resolve your concerns.

If your beliefs do not include a Higher Power presence, but you are aware of the newly popular Law of Attraction that is eternally operating, you may wish to consider worrying in this light. As you can imagine and even look back over your own life, you will see that worrying gets you more of what you worry about. Focusing on the negative hardly ever leads to positive results.

Or, you may simply wish to use common sense and realize that worrying interferes with your ability to think clearly and solve problems effectively. If your mind is being used for one activity, it can’t be used for another. So practically speaking, worrying proves to be useless here again.

When you add all this up it is easy to see the benefit of letting go of this activity. Yes, it is a habit whose time has come to be put to rest.

The most extreme case of worrying I know is my mother-in-law. She worries at the drop of a hat. The rest of the family dances around her in conversation trying not to hit a subject she can get her worry tangs into. God forbid if someone should have a cold! We deal with it, but don’t worry about it.

Worrying is somewhat like the most extreme case of motherhood. It is like a mother who runs around protecting for every possible danger her child could get into. She is constantly out in front of the child’s movements, trying to assess potential dangers and thwart them ahead of time. It is as tiring to be such a mother as it is to be a worrier.

If worrying did some good, everything would be worth worrying about. But it’s not, so don’t!

Yep, give it up, this bad habit, if you have it. Trust yourself, the light you stand in and the law that brings you your own. Then let your brightness lighten the way for others to give up their worrisome concerns.

Remember the words of the great MAD magazine cartoon character Alfred E. Neuman, “What — me worry?” Let “Never!” be your answer.