The Affluent Child (Prepare Your Child)

Be aware if you’re an affluent parent. There are dangers ahead.

I have come to this conclusion from observation only and not from some data-based study. It just seems obvious to me that the children who are most vulnerable to being attracted into the drug culture are those who are at both ends of the economic spectrum.

We all know how the focus has been on those young people who are from economically disadvantaged families or from circumstances where they have no real family. It seems that poverty in many situation promotes hopelessness and this hopeless environment can lead to crime, violence, and drug involvement.

But why would children from affluent families fall into the same trap as the disadvantaged. It seems to me that many children from these families have not been directed to worthwhile goals and are simply “comfortable.” Comfort is a double-edged sword: it feels good, but does not necessarily lead to “doing good.” Too many kids from wealthy families, perhaps because of their physical or economic comfort, have no purpose other than to entertain themselves… and what better way to do than to get high. Remember the line: sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll? This is truly a waste of young talent, young minds that could be directed to a higher purpose than mere self-indulgence. What to do?

Long ago I was “given” a dream that explained how a child can become drawn into the world of drugs. The dream showed a teacher with a group of her students walking along a path where they came upon a beautiful spider. They stood and observed it. It was a beautiful jeweled being with emerald, rubies, and diamonds making up its body. As she spoke to the class of 10 and 12-year-olds, from another direction walked a mother with her very young child. The child noticed the spider with all of its splendor and ran toward it and into its web. That was it; that’s what drugs do. They seem to attractive, but once you are in it, you are snared. It’s very difficult to get out.

From that dream, so many years ago, I started to think about a children’s book that could help plant the seed in a child that would prepare him or her when dangerous substances would be offered in the future. They certainly will be and now what we call “drugs” has expanded into an even more dangerous situation creating an epidemic with opiate use.

Parents must be role models and guides to their youngsters, giving them direction and encouragement to use their talents wisely and not waste themselves by making bad choices.

So, now I have written and illustrated this children’s picture book to help parents and educators introduce the idea of looking out for themselves when it comes to smoking, drinking, and drug use.

Please take a peek at it. I’m sure you know young mothers who could use this book for their children. Thanks. Every child matters!

NO SMOKING, NO DRINKING, NO DRUGS — also titled STAYING HEALTHY AND HAPPY It can be found on my website: or on Amazon.