Children's Books: Jim Duncan Needs Help

Children's Books: Jim Duncan Needs Help (Wild and crazy rhymes tell the tale of a father who does know best!)

"Jim Duncan knew the value of fathers.
Fathers are valuable. Fathers are good.
Fathers always do what they know they should.
Fathers know the best road to take.
They know what is right. They won't make a mistake.
That's why when a problem came up
Jim Duncan called on his father to help clean things up.
'I live in a house with five noisy, small kids
And a wife who can't find the pots and their lids.
The place is a mess, a disaster,' Jim said,
'I can't even find a chair or a bed.
We're crammed and jammed. It's all quite a ruckus.
Can you help me out of this ruckus that's among us?"