More Reasons to Self-Publish Your Children's Book

More Reasons to Self-Publish Your Children's Book

By Sally Huss

Every schoolteacher, librarian, mother, father or grandparent has a children's book inside of him or her wanting to get out. Every day I give thanks to Jeff Bezos and Amazon for creating an avenue that anyone can use to do this, including me.

I am an author/illustrator of over 100 children's picture books that I have self-published in the last five years. I had written many of these books long ago, but there was no vehicle to publish the many stories that I had written. Certainly, I published a few here and there with regular publishers (Ten Speed Press; Harcourt, Brace; Thomas Nelson), but nothing to the extent that I envisioned. This was not until the e-book boon hit and the limitations were removed.

I recently read Sue Shanaban's article "Four Reasons to Self-Publish Your Children's Book" and couldn't agree more. Yes, it is almost impossible to break into publishing unless you are a celebrity. And yes, traditional publishing houses expect authors to market their own books. Although Amazon helps a great deal in this area, it still requires the author/self-publisher to make an effort. But, tools are given. Yes too, Createspace's softcover versions of a book are just lovely and I also wish that a hardcover version were available.

To extend Shanaban's "Four Reasons," I wish to add another reason or two. Children need valuable guidance at this time. Not all homes are full of kindness and worthwhile values. Hopefully, every child will come upon a book in school or at home that plants a seed to inspire that child to become the best that she or he can be. Those who can write a meaning story should do so. Illustrators are just waiting to help. Try Fiverr, if you do not have a local artist to be your illustrator.

One more reason to self-publish your own children's book is this : it makes you feel good! To do something worthwhile makes anyone feel good. And creating something that both entertains and educates children is really good!

That's what I do and you can too by jumping into the self-publishing business with all your heart!

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