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The monkeys who tried kindness ("A pack of monkeys living in the jungle Was carrying on in such a jumble! They were fighting and biting... And swearing and not sharing. Oh, oh this was not good. This was no way to live. It's not like it should. Bananas were being taken from some during the darkness of night. In the morning once discovered, there'd be a terrible fight... Everyone was becoming so selfish and full of fear. No monkey wanted another monkey near, it was clear.").

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We've assembled lists of our most loved books for kids! You'll appreciate browsing these lists to discover some of the best picture books in children's literature at A picture book consolidates visual and verbal accounts in a book arrange, regularly gone for youthful children. The pictures in picture books utilize a scope of media, for example, oil paints, acrylics, watercolor, and pencil, among others. Two of the most punctual books with something like the configuration picture books still hold now were Heinrich Hoffmann's Struwwelpeter from 1845 and Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit from 1902. A portion of the best-known picture books are Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings, Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat, and Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. The Caldecott Medal (set up 1938) and Kate Greenaway Medal (built up 1955) are granted every year for representations in children's writing. From the mid-1960s a few children's writing grants incorporate a class for picture books. Picture books are frequently gone for youthful children, and keeping in mind that some may have exceptionally fundamental dialect particularly intended to enable children to build up their perusing abilities, most are composed with vocabulary a youngster can see yet not really read. Thus, picture books have a tendency to have two capacities in the lives of children: they are first perused to youthful children by grown-ups, and afterward children read them themselves once they start figuring out how to peruse. Some picture books are distributed with content gone for more established children or even grown-ups. Tibet: Through the Red Box, by Peter Sis, is one case of a picture book gone for a grown-up gathering of people.


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  • Best Children Picture EBook Free Download

    Selecting the Perfect Picture Book for Your Child

    You have the chance of selecting the ideal picture book for your tyke. You could set out straight toward the Disney books or get the latest mass promoted, motion picture themed picture book, however why go for the average when you can get something really staggering?

    Turning into a Reader - Helping Your Child Become a Reader

    You could say that your child starts making a course for turning into a peruser on the day she is conceived and first hears the sounds of your voice. Each time you speak to her, sing to her, and respond to the sounds that she makes, you strengthen your youngster's understanding of dialect. With you to manage her, she is well on her approach to turning into a peruser.

    Simple Strategies for Creating Strong Readers

    Without question, perusing with children spells success for early education. Putting a couple of simple strategies enthusiastically will have a significant effect in helping children form into great readers and writers.

    Family Reading

    Get the facts on the benefits of family read so anyone might hear time. Read more...

    Children's Picture Books for Math

    Learning math concepts is so considerably easier and loads more fun when presented in picture book organize. Your tyke's comprehension of scientific concepts can speed on despite the slower pace expected to procure computational skills.

    Children's Picture Books for Science and Nature Study

    Children are conceived curious and that curiosity taken outdoors to investigate nature makes them conceived naturalists. Take in more about how picture books can stimulate children to discover more about the common world and to start building up an understanding of basic science concepts.

    Children's Picture Books for Social Studies

    A little history, a little topography, and loading dose of diversion - that is the thing that makes picture books with a social studies emphasis delightful perusing for the preschool set.

    Children's Picture Books for Music and Art

    It's difficult to motivate preschoolers to stand still when you put on an enthusiastic music CD. They just seem to understand that music was intended to be delighted in with your whole body whether that is toe tapping or skimming along like a ballet performer. Picture books, some do accompany their own particular CDs, will enable children to investigate the lives of famous musicians, composers, and artists, and pick up a more profound understanding of why they adore the music they hear or the work of art they see.

    People and Fairy Tales

    People and tall tales are the stuff of sometime in the distant past on which all children flourish. Where else would you be able to get a spectacular story with an easy to identify with moral?

    Occasion Children's Picture Books

    Occasion picture books can be non specific and trite or they can be novel. At we like remarkable picture books, so we'll point you toward that path whether you need Christmas, Hanukkah, or Valentine's Day books.

    Religious Children's Picture Books

    Picture books can strengthen the numerous lessons you instruct your children and grandchildren about their religious confidence.

    Sound Enhanced Audio Books for Children Read Aloud

    Perusing picture books resoundingly to your children is one type of storytelling. In the auto, you can still have perused so anyone might hear time by listening to books on tape. At that point there's that extremely special type of children's book recording, the storytelling CD. Jim Weiss is a standout amongst the most eminent storytellers for children. In the event that you haven't listened to one of his children's CDs, you don't recognize what you're missing.

    Famous Children's Picture Book Authors and Illustrators

    In case you're interested in a specific writer or illustrator of picture books, chances are they have a website. Check our list of writer and illustrator websites to take in more about your most loved children's picture book writer or illustrator.

    Honor Winning Children's Picture Books

    Discover which picture books have won awards and the books that are up for the Caldecott Medal this year.

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    Watch, Listen, Learn, and Read Along with Sally

    Watch More Children's Read Aloud Picture Books

    Children's Picture Book Review

    The Monkeys Who Tried Kindness

    "I love this book about kindness. It is the story of a troupe of monkeys who were fighting among themselves and not looking after each other. Sickness and ill health led them to search for another path when the voice of a small child suggested they try kindness. Why not, they thought. After all, they could always go back to being mean to each other. But it was kindness that saved the troupe. It was kindness that made them look after each other's health and welfare. It was kindness that made each a better monkey. In today's world of conflict and antagonism, there could be no better lesson for any child. It is a lesson to be learned early and with passion -- and this book does just that. With rhymes that sing to you as you read and drawings that dance as you turn the page, this book fills the reader with ambition to be just like the kind monkeys. It is a wonderful lesson for a child searching for a core value to guide her or his life -- or even a city manager (such as that of Anaheim in California) looking for a guiding principle to run an administration. This child's book is an inspiration for us all." - Children's book review from Healthy Living.

    Why are Children's Picture Books filled with Animals?

    Children everywhere always love children's picture books with kids as the stars or main characters. But even more enticing are books with animals as the main characters. There is nothing more fun for a child than a stunt or an absurdity created by an animals something rib-tickling is even better. Through the history of children's literature, animals have taken a strong place, adding their own abilities to any story and making that story even more amusing, absurd, or delightful.

    As a child, my favorite book was Dr. Seuss's Horton Hatches the Egg, a hilarious account of an elephant, Horton, who is tricked into sitting on a bird's egg while the floozy of a mother, Mayzie, takes a long vacation to Palm Beach, Florida. The visual image Seuss created of that big, bulbous elephant squatting on a tiny nest in a sagging tree could make any child smile.

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    More Reasons to Self-Publish Your Children's Book

    Every schoolteacher, librarian, mother, father or grandparent has a children's book inside of him or her wanting to get out. Every day I give thanks to Jeff Bezos and Amazon for creating an avenue that anyone can use to do this, including me. I am an author/illustrator of over 100 children's picture books that I have self-published in the last five years. I had written many of these books long ago, but there was no vehicle to publish the many stories that I had written. Certainly, I published a few here and there with regular publishers (Ten Speed Press; Harcourt, Brace; Thomas Nelson), but nothing to the extent that I envisioned. This was not until the e-book boon hit and the limitations were removed.

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    Other Sally Huss Books

    Sally Huss is not only an author and illustrator of children's picture books, but is the author of books on tennis. Her three tennis books are designed to teach you and your children more than just the game of tennis, but how to focus, maintain a positive attitude, and play better because of it. You will also find books written by Sally on the topic of happiness. She reveals exercises that will help you develop sure-fire skills to this golden state by removing any obstacle that get in its way. How to Find Your Soulmate is a wonderful empowering book by Sally. This one teaches you how to seek and find your true love, companion, life mate, or whatever you have in your heart. A New Way of Living, another book by Sally, is the perfect book if you have money problems, housing difficulties, family struggles, and find yourself in emotional tumults. This is a book for these times.

    All Other Books

    About Sally

    "Bright and happy," "light and whimsical" have been the catch phrases attached to the writing and art of Sally Huss for over 30 years. Sweet images dance across all of Sally's creations, whether in the form of children's books, paintings, wallpaper, ceramics, baby bibs, greeting cards, purses, clothing, or her King Features Syndicated newspaper panel "Happy Musings."

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    The making of "the monkey who couldn't make up his mind" children's book

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